Game Booklet Murder Mystery Game “The Unfortunate Banker”


Available in English, Dutch and Flemish
Suitable for: Family Parties, Friends outings, Company outings

Murder Mystery Game “The Unfortunate Banker” is a low budget Party Game. An original, exciting and humorous activity for every festive occasion and the game can be played at any venue. Playable from 2 to 100 people. Easy to prepare, no game-host needed and the price will definitely not kill you! Humorous Murder Mystery Game to play with family, friends or colleagues! Not just a nice idea for the holidays, but suitable for all kinds of occasions all year round!

Order a game booklet for every single participant. Minimum order is 4 booklets


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  • This Murder Mystery Game is perfect as a group activity with family, friends or colleagues;
  • You can play this exciting and humorous Murder Mystery Game at home, in a restaurant or in any venue of choice;
  • The game booklet is fully written in English;
  • You can play with groups of 4 to 100 people (minimum order £25);
  • Every participant will get his / her own game booklet;
  • It is possible to combine two language versions, but keep in mind that the names of the characters differ per language;
  • You will receive the rules of the game by e-mail with your purchase confirmation;
  • You will also receive an invitation document with which you can invite your fellow players;
  • There is no game-host required (it is a do-it-yourself Murder Mystery Game);
  • Organizer can participate as well;
  • Dividing characters between the participants is possible but not necessary;
  • The outcome of the murder mystery is in a closed part in the back of the game booklet;
  • Every game round is concluded with a scratch card on which all players can indicate their favorite suspect;
  • Duration of the game is on average 2 hours, excluding dinner and breaks;
  • The game is particularly suitable if you would like to organize your own dinner party, but can also be combined with snacks, lunch or High Tea;
  • Applicable recipes, free of charge, for enthusiastic cooks will be included in our email with the purchase confirmation;

Do-it-yourself Murder Mystery Game

Would you like to be an investigator in an exciting and humorous detective story? Then order our do-it-yourself Murder Mystery Game “The Unfortunate Banker”! There is no need for a game host because the murder investigation is led by … the victim himself! Game instructions and rules of the game are laid out in the game booklets and everything is self-explanatory.

Do-it-yourself Murder Mystery Game at home or in a restaurant

Organizing “The Unfortunate Banker” is simple and requires no hassle or time-consuming preparations. Murder Mystery Game “The Unfortunate Banker” can be played almost anywhere: at home, at work or in your favorite restaurant.

Game Booklets Murder Mystery Game

Order a game booklet for every participant so each participant can investigate themselves.


This Murder Mystery Game takes about two to two and a half hours. This is excluding dinner and breaks, therefore it could fill an entire evening!

Dividing characters is possible but necessary

To play “The Unfortunate Banker” the roles of the characters can be divided, just like with other murder games, but this is not obligatory. This Murder Mystery Game can be played by any number of participants without any preparation. If you choose to divide the roles, the game offers seven characters and additional script spread over three game rounds. Furthermore, all roles can be shared. This way every participant can have his/her moment in the spotlight and this makes the game suitable for all group sizes.

Suitable for children?

The content of this Murder Mystery Game is not explicitly violent or sexually tinted, but it is initially written for adults. Children from around 12 years of age can play, provided that the majority of the group consists of adults. There is no maximum age.

Your own Dinner Party with Murder Mystery Game matching recipes

When you organize this Murder Mystery Game at home or at work, you can take any direction with the culinary part: pizza delivery, using your own cooking skills or, for example, a cozy High Tea. For enthusiastic cooks, Flemish Chef Fons Nicolay developed some game matching recipes. Pleasantly written, easy to prepare and delicious! You will receive these recipes as a gift from us with your purchase confirmation e-mail.

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