Murder Mystery Game “The Uninvited Guest” – Game booklet + e-presentation


Available in English and Dutch. Humorous DIY Murder Mystery Game. You will guide the game yourself using an online e-presentation from your own laptop or tablet. Provided with clear instructions and rules of the game. Super easy and fun to do!

Game location: at home, at work, or in your favourite restaurant (private dining room)


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  • Written in English. 
  • The minimum number of participants is 8.
  • Order a game booklet for all participants, including yourself. 
  • Booklets cannot be ordered individually afterwards.
  • Unused booklets cannot be returned.
  • Average delivery time in the Netherlands and Belgium is two to four days.
  • Order on time!
  • Username and password e-mailed immediately upon ordering.
  • You can view the instructions in the e-presentation as often as you want.
  • The game itself can only be played once.
  • Dividing roles in advance is possible using a digital invitation.
  • Document with clear instructions and the rules of the game provided.
  • Also a Dutch version available (Moordspel “De Ongenode Gast”).

Murder Mystery Game “The Uninvited Guest”

Murder Mystery Game “The Uninvited Guest” is a self guided format. You will lead the game yourself using an online e-presentation from your laptop or tablet. It’s straightforward and can not go wrong as long as you follow the instructions. No special skills are required, only the desire to create a great experience for yourself and your group. Plus, it’s incredibly enjoyable!

To prepare the game setting, you can access the instructional component of the e-presentation immediately after placing your order, with unlimited access. This can also help you “cast” and invite participants in a humorous manner if desired.

Where do you play the game?

  • This murder mystery game can be booked with dinner at various restaurants in the The Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Or, book a separate space in a restaurant you know. Please mention that audio will be used.
  • Playing the game at home or in your own location is also possible.

What do you need?

  • A game booklet for each player/participant.
  • A sound system or Bluetooth speaker that is powerful enough to be heard by everyone.
  • A laptop or tablet (mobile phones are not suitable for the presentation).
  • A good internet connection.

What do you get?

By email:

  • An order confirmation with downloadable game instructions and a fun digital invitation.
  • A separate email with a username and password.
  • Invoice in PDF format.

Delivered to your home or business:

  • Game booklets and pens. You take these to the game location.
Additional information
Game language

Dutch, English

Minimum group size

8 persons

Maximum group size

200 persons

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